Only I Know About “Level Up” in this world

Only I Know About “Level Up” in this world

Author: Sakaki Mochimaru

–A world where the worth of one’s life is decided by one’s

Theo, an S-Rank adventurer, had reincarnated thousand years later in a future where the people had forgotten about the power called “Level Up”. In this world where a person would be Level 1 at birth, humanity is persecuted as the weakest race and the people lived everyday while fearing the danger of monsters. However, in their midst only Theo, who was chosen to be a sacrifice for the monsters, knew that humans can become the strongest because only they have the ability to Level Up.

Table of Contents (ToC)

Arc 1 – Break out from Town

Chapter 01 – I am the one who will eat you lot
Chapter 02 – Level Up
Chapter 03 – Let the counterattack begin
Chapter 04 – Ogre extermination
Chapter 05 – The world outside

Arc 2 – The Phoenix’s Invitation

Chapter 06 – You. Why has your Level Increased?