Should I continue with “To save my favourite character”?

Should I continue with “To save my favourite character”?

First of all, sorry about the long break everyone. I was busy my Thesis defence and the changes I had to make following that.
But what really got me down was finding out that someone else had picked up “To save my favourite character” novel too.
I really liked that one and was planning on doing the whole thing. But now… I am not sure. So I’ll pin this post on top for the next week, and if there are people out there who want to continue reading my version, please comment and I’ll think about continuing it. Else, I’ll focus solely on “Since I became healthy” till I find a replacement.

Edit: Thank you all for your support. Since you all enjoy reading my version I’ve decided to continue translating it. And like I mentioned before, I really like the story too.

7 thoughts on “Should I continue with “To save my favourite character”?

  • I honestly like your tls overall, the “other tl” if you could, then please continue tl-ing the series

    • oops entered too quickly lmao…
      I like your version more compared to the other tl

  • I haven’t read that series yes, but translators usually give each other a 3 month grace period before picking up a work (that might be old procedure but we’ll it would be nice.) I think u should continue your work if you want to and leave it up to the readers.

  • Hello, I know I am responding to this late and you may have already made your decision but I would just like to say that I hope you continue with this if you want. I find your translations of a much higher quality than the other one.

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